Large files easily transferred

Using the CargoLink technology, large files and confidential data can be sent in a easy and secure manner to your customers and partners. Cargo does not restrict the attachment size and provides you with a great web interface for all functions Thanks to built-in protection for the transfer (full SSL encryption) and the access (individual one-time PIN) you can rest assured that only the intended receiver will get access to the data.

Great to

  • Transfer project data, technical plans, handbooks and specifications
  • Send confidental documents such as contracts, quotas and personell files
  • Transport large media files such as audio and video
  • Make PR-documents and press releases available on schedule

E-Mail integration into your existing infrastructure

You would like to continue to use your current software for sending large files via e-mail? With the direct integration you no longer need to upload a file onto the CargoServer, yet you can still be sure that the files will be sent securely and reliably to your recipient.

Great to

  • Use your familiar environment (i.e. MS Outlook, Apple Mail, IBM Lotus Notes or Mozilla Thunderbird)
  • Integration in processes, automatic contracts or send client specific documents via e-mail
  • Integration into an existing e-mail infrastructure
  • Full control over outgoing documents through extensive rules for the handling

A multitude of settings enable you to use different transport or security configurations according to file size, file type or the recipients. With the built-in addressbook, you can preset settings per recipient.

Receiving data directly from your partners

Often the transfer of a file is only the beginning of communication and you want to offer your recipient the possibility of sending files back to you just as easily and securely. With CargoLink you you can activate an upload function with just one click and give your partner the chance to upload documents to the existing CargoLink.

Great to

  • Occasional communication beween clients and partners
  • On-schedule receiving of offers, concepts and presentations
  • Receiving diagnose data for support cases (such as databank copies, configurations, log data)

The upload function can be activated for every CargoLink and is available as an option in the configurations. Uploads will be marked clearly for the user and are subject to the restrictions of the quota.

Shared folders for projects

Allow other users in the system to access a folder or invite an external person to use a common folder. You can allow access in the "read only" or "read and write" mode and decide on the name of the folder your partner will see in your file manager.

This function requires that all participating users are registered in the system.

Great to

  • Work together as a team on a project
  • Regular exchange data with external partners
  • Automate with different applications

Mobile Devices for easy data synchronisation

Tablet computers have become a well used tool in today's businessworld as they are ideal for sales pitches. Transfer your multimedia material and reference information easily and securely onto your mobile devices using Cargo.

Thanks to an intelligent sychronisation mechanism only new documents will be loaded with every transfer. This reduces the data volume to a minimum.

Cargo supports so called Push Notifications for Apple (APN) and Android (GCM) devices to notify applications immediately when new data arrives for CargoLinks.

Great to

  • Deliver marketing and sales documents to iPads
  • Deliver packages onto mobile devices in preparation for meetings
  • Synchronise large volumes of data onto mobile devices

Integration into your business applications

Thanks to the available interfaces of the CargoServer platform, you can use the full range of functions through your business applications and make the transfer of data even easier and more efficient.

Great to

  • Integration in your processes for creating personalised documents and reports
  • Automated delivery of electronic goods, credits or stamps
  • Batch processing for distribution to a few thousand recipients
  • Access statistics

Directory Integration Leverage your Active Directory

CargoServer integrates easily into your existing directory infrastructure (Active Directory or any LDAP based Identity Management System): Users are authenticated against the central directoy and profiles created automatically based on group membership. Desktop users already logged on to the domain are authenticated automatically (single sign on).

Great to

  • Integration into your existing directory for user management and authentication
  • Automatically create user profiles based on group membership
  • Single Sign On integration

Automation when new data arrives

CargoServer monitors all data and can execute automated actions when new files are received, such as informing a group of users or resetting the PINs for a CargoLink. The availabe actions can be extended and customised according to your needs.

Great to

  • Notify team members about the availability of new data
  • Change PIN values of preconfigured CargoLinks and notify users of mobile devices
  • Automatically archive, verify and backup data

Secure authentication through two-factor procedure

In contrast to other providers, the Cargo platform has provided two-factor authentication for secure logins from the beginning and can now offer the integration of software and hardware tokens as well as SMS in it's basic function without additional licencing costs.

Great to

  • Support additional security for accounts with higher privileges
  • Prevent unauthorised access due to careless handling of personal passwords
  • Protect sensible data

Use the OTP2 tokens from ncode for additional security during signing in into the web application in order to secure privileged accounts (administrators) sufficiently. These devices are shock- and waterproof and have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years.

Alternatively a free application can be installed on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and used to create OTP-values to provide the functionality through software.

When using SMS, the user receives a one-time token onto his mobile phone after entering the username and the password. This token must be entered into to the web application to complete the sign-in process. No additional software or hardware is necessary.

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