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Web Analysis

Tools for web analysis provide us statistical data helping us to understand the usage of our website. We use a local installation of the software Matomo on our servers, which only stores anonymised IP addresses to prevent identification of single unique devices. Swiss Cyber Gate AG does not use third party platforms or trackers such as Google Analytics or similar.

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Log files are used for providing a stable and correct service and debugging errors and performance failures. The data is not aggregated with other data sources and stored for a maximum of 6 weeks.

Additional data stored

Depending on the interaction with our site, you are asked to provide additional data.

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Support contact
When using our support form, we ask you for your name, your email address, your phone number and optionally the version and location of the Cargo product you use. This is only used for processing your support request, stored in our internal issue tracking system and compared with existing customer contact data to validate the legitimacy of your request as a customer. The data is only used company internal and not shared with any third party.