How do you transport your confidential client data?

When dropbox and e-mail are not enough.

Do you transfer your confidential data via e-mail without electronic protection measures? Are file sizes really pushing your limits? Do your co-workers use external online-services and you lose control over your data in the Internet?
Then it is time for Cargo®!!

Take back control

Cargo® gives you full control over your data and makes sure it does not end up in the data processing center of a third party whose juristiction does not offer you protection.

Every transfer secured

All transfers by Cargo® are SSL encrypted and therefore protected against unauthorised access.

Did you know that that even nowadays e-mail is mostly transmitted unprotected? In a shared WiFi-network for example it would be very easy to monitor communication and extract valuable data.

No size limits

The Cargo® platform knows no size limitation and therefore allows what you cannot do with normal e-mail: Sending large files and archives easily and safely to your clients.

With the optional e-mail integration you can still use your mail-application and therefore receive the ideal combination for increasing efficiency in your business.